North America Smart Energy Week


September 11-14, 2023
The Venetian Convention and Expo Center Las Vegas, NV


EMerge Alliance to Facilitate Fully Operational Residential Microgrid at RE+ Event in Anaheim

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EMerge Alliance, in collaboration multiple vendors, will facilitate a live demonstration of a residential microgrid at the upcoming RE+ event in Anaheim, California, September 19-22, 2022.   

Each year, RE+ (formerly SPI, ESI, and Smart Energy Week) conducts a live demonstration of microgrids on its show floor. This year’s demonstration will feature a fully operating hybrid bi-directional residential microgrid, complete with appliances, HVAC, lighting, EV charging and various plug load distributions including line AC and DC, USB-C, PoE and FMP. It will also provide the excess power it generates to the adjacent Grid Edge presentation theater and other exhibitor loads on the convention center floor.  Power resources for the microgrid will be a combination of solar, battery and utility energy that will be located in an area adjacent to the convention floor.

The microgrid will power both AC and DC devices and appliances in a simulated residential setting. It will also be interconnected in a simulated multi-tiered grid-of-grids network of other microgrids and the macrogrid.  Various operating modes will be continuously demonstrated, including loss of utility power, loss of on-site renewable power, loss of renewable neighborhood/community energy resources, complete islanding, and seamless reconnection of all these resources.  Cyber-security will be accomplished via a “Zero-Trust” operating philosophy, allowing the microgrid to autonomously operate while under uncertain cyber security conditions.

The demonstration is a multi-vendor system engineered by Direct Energy Partners and includes electrical devices from Emera Technologies Block Energy, CE+T America Power Systems, LG Appliances and Solar Panels, Trane HVAC, Cisco Systems PoE & FMP, Enteligent EV Charging, The Sun Company, PomCube iCan Energy Storage, Nextek Power Systems, ATX LED, IronRidge Solar Mounting, Alencon Optimizers, and many more.  Install of the on-site microgrid will be overseen by Direct Energy Partners and Rectify Solar.

Presentations about the Demonstration Microgrid and its components, the Grid-of-Grids Interconnection System, and various related grid-edge subjects will be held in the Grid Edge Theater next to the live demonstration during three-day event.  Subject matter experts and company representatives will be on-hand to answer questions about the demonstration.


About the EMerge Alliance
The EMerge Alliance is a non-profit open industry association containing commercial, government and academic member organizations developing standards leading to the rapid adoption of hybrid AC/DC microgrids in commercial/industrial and residential buildings, neighborhoods and communities. EMerge standards integrate building and campus infrastructures, power, controls and devices in microgrid platforms to facilitate the hybrid use of AC and DC power. The standards facilitate greater energy resiliency and sustainability while maximizing the potential to use of distributed clean and renewable local energy. Learn more at: To learn about EMerge Alliance membership:

About RE+

RE+, formerly SPI, ESI, and Smart Energy Week, is more than just the largest clean energy event, it’s a catalyst for industry innovation designed to supercharge business growth in the clean energy economy. RE+ is a series of events around the country bringing clean energy leaders together to expand business prospects, share best practices, and identify ways to advance the industry. RE+ is dedicated to bringing the best minds and technologies together to transform the nation’s biggest energy, environmental, and economic challenges into opportunities that will ensure a prosperous, clean, and productive future.